Richie and Shelly at the Farm Festival, An Adventure in Healthy Eating is the first in what will be a series of books about the importance of teaching children to make healthy choices when eating.  I have written this book about Richie and Shelly and healthy eating because I feel this is an important topic.  I encourage you to use this book to have discussions with your children about what they eat and the importance of healthy eating and making healthy choices when shopping.  I have included a recipe at the end of the book (and here on the recipe page) and suggest you include your children when cooking healthy foods to nurture their interest.

I spent 20 years working as an Administrative Assistant in an elementary school. I wanted to share with children and parents my ideas in a fun and educational way. So, Richie and Shelly were created.

My husband, Rick, and I reside in North Carolina and Massachusettes and have three children and seven grandchildren...all healthy eaters!

Richie and Shelly

Author: Cathy Macri

Watch for future Richie and Shelly adventures as they continue their journey in learning about healthy eating.